Telesto: Inventory Management

Integration with

We are excited to announce that your inventory account on Telesto can now be synced with your Shopify store!

This integration will help you manage all your products, orders, and customers in one place. Everything stays updated and accurate. So, why wait? Try it out now and see how much it can improve your online store.

Inventory Management | Shopify integration
Inventory Management | Shopify integration


Here are some great benefits of this integration:

  • Automatic inventory syncing: Keep track of your inventory on Telesto and Shopify automatically, so you'll always know your stock levels.

  • Order syncing: Quickly and efficiently fulfill orders by syncing them from Shopify into your system.

  • Product syncing: Easily sync product information between Telesto and Shopify, eliminating the need for double work.

  • Real-time updates: Stay on top with real-time updates on your orders and inventory levels.

  • Avoid out of stocks and overselling: With real-time inventory visibility, you can confidently sell only the items available in stock, avoiding any disappointments or overselling situations.

How to connect

Connecting Shopify with Telesto is a simple and code-free process. Just follow these steps to get started:


  1. Go to 'Apps' > 'Develop apps' > 'Create an app' and enter the app name (e.g., Telesto Inventory).
  2. In the app configuration, under 'Admin API integration,' click on 'Configure' and set the following permissions:
    • Read customer
    • Write/read inventory
    • Read locations
    • Write/Read orders
    • Write/read product listing
    • Write/read products
  3. Tap on the 'Save' button.
  4. Now, tap on the 'Install app' button on the top right.
  5. After installing the app, go to the 'API credentials' and tap 'Reveal token once' to copy the access token securely.

  1. Go to 'Settings' > 'Integrations' > 'Shopify'.
  2. Enable the 'Sync Status' checkbox to activate the service.
  3. Enter the Shopify Store URL and the API token.
  4. Customize the permissions by selecting what to sync.
  5. Save your changes, and you're all set!

Frequently asked questions

You can stop it easily. Go to settings > Integrations > Shopify and uncheck the sync status checkbox. Remember to save your settings.
Telesto will find matching SKUs between your products in Telesto and Shopify. This connection is important for proper order imports too.
Shopify orders with "open" status will be imported into Telesto.
The system will automatically update the new status to Shopify immediately.
Yes, Shopify does have its own inventory management tool, but it does come with certain limitations. If you run a larger business, you might need something more robust to optimize your selling on the platform fully.

Here are some limitations you might encounter when using Shopify without an external inventory management system:

  • Limited inventory tracking: While Shopify provides basic inventory tracking features, it may not be enough for some businesses to monitor stock levels and warehouse inventory movement effectively.
  • Manual inventory updates: Shopify's inventory tracking is mostly manual, so you'll have to update stock levels manually whenever new inventory arrives or orders are fulfilled. This manual process can be time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to lost sales, unhappy customers, and increased costs.
  • Limited reporting and analytics: Although Shopify offers basic reporting and analytics features, they might not be sufficient for businesses that require more advanced reports to track sales, identify trends, and spot opportunities.
  • Limited data = limited insights: Shopify's inventory tracking function only retains data from the past 90 days. While it gives you a snapshot of your current performance, historical data is essential for informed decision-making and future planning.