Inventory Management

Apparel and footwear (retail)

Efficient inventory management is critical in a competitive, fast-paced industry like apparel. You need to have enough product on hand to satisfy demand while keeping your carrying costs to a minimum by not having too much stock in your warehouse.

An effective inventory management system can help you keep track of your stock. Telesto was designed to be the most friendly and affordable complete inventory management system for the retail industry.

Inventory Management | Apparel and footwear (retail)

TELESTO: Inventory Management

Benefits for the apparel and footwear industry

Data integrity

Keep transactions secure by settings permissions for who in your staff is allowed to edit or delete them.

Smart orders

Track your purchasing orders and invoices from customers and suppliers

Activity log

Complete control about what, who, and when your staff members performed an action

Track stock levels

Keep track of your inventory stock levels and costs across multiple warehouses.

Purchase orders

Create fully-integrated purchase orders with products associated with your suppliers

Minimizing inventory costs

Reduce carrying costs (cost of purchasing, warehousing and handling inventory)

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